The spices tour is a unique opportunity to learn about the soul of Zanzibar since nearly two centuries the spices are a key part of the economy of the island. You will be taken to a “botanical garden” where you’ll be shown herbs, spices, fruits and other products of the earth with fascinating descriptions of their use, to relish their scents and flavours.


Using the typical sailing boat of local fishermen, lulled only by the sounds of the wind and water, you will steer through the transparent waters of the Bay of Jambiani. Depending on the sea conditions, you can go snorkelling to explore the ocean floor inhabited by sponges, starfish and colorful fish; swim to the reef or try fishing.


This is the only tropical forest remaining on the island of Zanzibar and it occupies an area of about 10 square km. It’s a protected area that includes a lush evergreen forest that slopes into a coastal brush, and ultimately becomes an intricate mangrove. Here, walking through the shaded paths, you can admire the main attraction of the forest, the Red Colobus, an endemic species of monkey at high risk of extinction that is not found anywhere else in the world.


The bay of Kizimkazi, in the far south of the island, is frequented daily by dolphins. Ali will take you by boat. Guests can dive in, watch the dolphins underwater and swim with them. On the way back, where the water is shallower but offers beautiful seabeds, we’ll stop for a relaxing swim and then return to enjoy a breakfast of local flavours on the beach.


Stone Town is located on the west coast of the island. It’s a fascinating city full of history and culture where Arab, Indian, European and African influences mingle harmoniously. The central part of the city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, enshrines the ancient fortress, the Museum of Zanzibar, the House of Wonders, the port, the old slave market … To fully enjoy the city, the colorful local market of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat is a must see, followed by a stroll in the maze of narrow streets where you can go shopping and enjoy a relaxing break in one of the many local restaurants.


It’s an unforgettable experience of sea and sun. On a boat you cross a seascape dotted with small atolls, uninhabited islands and white sandbanks. On the island fruit and grilled fish and shellfish will be served.


This island is located about 5 km from Stone Town. Here you can visit the remains of an old facility for the detention of slaves. The island is also a protected colony of the Aldabra Giant, a kind of giant tortoise from the Seychelles that arrived in Zanzibar in the 1800’s as a gift to the governor of the island. You can take advantage of this excursion to dive into the turquoise waters that surround the island and admire the coral reefs.